Lending Philosophy

The decision to borrow money is a momentous decision.  It should never be taken lightly or without serious consideration of alternatives.  Indebtedness can create limitations for the borrower, including less freedom to spend on ministry needs.  Still, after careful consideration, a prudent amount of debt funding invested in the right manner can actually create dynamic ministry opportunities.

Our goal is never just to make a loan because we can.  We want your ministry to flourish.  So, when we consider extending credit to your ministry, we ask ourselves: “Will this loan help make the ministry more effective?”  Answering that question means we must take the time together to understand your ministry and the impact a new loan might have on your ministry’s ability to achieve its vision.

In the end, we seek to develop long term partnerships with truly effective ministries.  Every aspect of our due diligence process aims for that goal.  The due diligence process surrounding a ministry loan requires some work, but it results in solutions of exceptional quality and value.